Protect your home from heat and light

To preserve the freshness of your interior, the external box screen is a real heat shield. It protects your rooms from overheating up to six times better than an interior blind. The screens provide you with the ideal solution to resist intense sunlight and also guarantee your privacy.

Two compact and elegant models

Classic + model

The canvas is fitted in rails but isn’t maintained.

Zip model

Thanks to an ingenious slide system, the canvas is perfectly stretched and maintained in the rails and resists wind in all positions

Devis chassis bois

Screens: filter up to 97% of sunlight

  • Optimum brightness
  • Controlled temperature
  • Protection from prying eyes while maintaining perfect visibility from the inside
  • Easy installation in new projects and renovations alike
  • Modern and discreet box
  • Standard or zip model
  • Up to 12m² of canvas in a single box
  • Manual or motorized controls
  • Lacquering in all RAL colours
  • Wide variety of canvases